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Waste Water

The machine that turns sewage into clean water, electricity - and money.

The Janicki Omni-processor, funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, tuns sewage into clean drinking water, electricity, and money.
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LIVE: Are robots really after our jobs?

Live coverage of the BioCentre event "Are robots really after our jobs?" from University College London

×This event has now ended. You can still read all our updates below, or use the player to listen back. I don’t know much about robots, but what I do know – thank you Hollywood – is that they all want to take over the world. The question is, how close are we to that becoming
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Is antibacterial smartphone glass any use?

New smartphone screens can kill bacteria - in theory

Around this time every year, technology companies large and small gather for a few days of ridiculously large televisions, peculiar inventions (bluetooth fork anybody?) and loud advertising stunts. Every now and again something piques my interest. This year it comes from an unlikely source – the glass maker, Corning.
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