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Flying through data in a planetarium

Because sometimes data visualisations need a bit more space

One of the things I often feel when I’m trying to visualise data it is that I just don’t have enough space. Take the interactive part of this article for instance. There’s a limit to how big visualisations like that can be, and deciding what information to leave off is tough. In the end, I
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Waste Water

The machine that turns sewage into clean water, electricity - and money.

The Janicki Omni-processor, funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, tuns sewage into clean drinking water, electricity, and money.
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NHS trusts: deficit or surplus? Get the data!

With the NHS receiving a £300m cash injection to get it through the winter, we look at how they performed financially in the same period last year. The answer: not great.

Emergency funds of £300m have been made available to NHS England by the Department of Health, due to fears that the system may not be able to cope with the increased demand over the winter. The fears were prompted by an October which, despite mild weather, saw the number of waiting time targets missed hit a higher
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