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12 amazing hummingbird facts for kids!

Fast, small and always hungry. Sounds familiar...

Hummingbirds are some of the prettiest birds around, but there’s more to the tiny feathered friends than meets the eye. Click the red targets in the pictures to discover some incredible hummingbird facts!   Golden-tailed Sapphire – Venezuela (Photo: Marcial Quintero) Green Violet-ear – Finca Lerida, Boquete, Panama. (Photo: mdf) Psst… we know a lot
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How much energy does the ‘greenest government’ get through?

They may not be the greenest, but they should be one of the warmest

Cast your mind back five years to 2010. The tallest building in the world had been open just a few months. The World Cup was around the corner, and people genuinely thought England had a chance. And the United Kingdom got its first coalition government since the Second World War. Politicians aren’t exactly known for
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