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The Great Asian Space Race

Live from the World Conference of Science Journalists 2015, Seoul, South Korea

A new space race is on: the Asian space race. On the 24th September 2014, the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), or Mangalyaan, entered orbit around the Red Planet. India is the first Asian nation to reach Mars, ahead of China and Japan whose attempts have so far proved unsuccessful. And as was the case
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LIVE: Are robots really after our jobs?

Live coverage of the BioCentre event "Are robots really after our jobs?" from University College London

I don’t know much about robots, but what I do know – thank you Hollywood – is that they all want to take over the world. The question is, how close are we to that becoming a scientific reality? And should we be worried? A report by Pew Research canvassed 2,000 experts on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and economics,
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