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What makes a scientific paper go viral?

Combing through data reveals surprising relationship between news coverage and social media activity

Scientific papers are often years in the making. For the researchers responsible, the moment of publication is the culmination of an awful lot of work, and cause for both celebration and relief. But it’s also the opportunity, if only for a little while, to be a celebrity. In December 2013, Professor Robert Nemiroff of Michigan Technological
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Flying through data in a planetarium

Because sometimes data visualisations need a bit more space

One of the things I often feel when I’m trying to visualise data it is that I just don’t have enough space. Take the interactive part of this article for instance. There’s a limit to how big visualisations like that can be, and deciding what information to leave off is tough. In the end, I
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The most common injuries where you work

Accidents will happen, and we're not talking about papercuts

Have you had an accident at work? Maybe. Have you seen an advert on TV offering you compensation? Definitely. Workplace accidents are big business. According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), compensation for workplace accidents in 2013 cost employers £1.4 billion. But compensation isn’t the end of the story. Throw in lost productivity
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How to build an interactive map with CartoDB

It'll take you much less time than it took me to write this guide

Yesterday I published an article about the recent eruption of the Calbuco Volcano in Chile, and a central part of it was an interactive map of every volcanic eruption for the last 2,000 years. In case you didn’t see it (shame on you), here it is again. Darker red blobs on the map represent a
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