This infographic is full of holes

A pretty infographic is not necessarily a good one

Chiltern Thrust Bore

For the uninitiated, an infographic is a visual representation of information. Done well, it’s a great way of getting information across quickly and clearly.

Go wrong though, and you risk leaving people with more questions than answers.

By way of illustration, take a look at this eye-catching infographic of the highest and lowest points on Earth.

I came across this on the EarthSky website, but it’s actually the product of a drilling company based in the UK called Chiltern Thrust Bore Ltd.

At first glance it’s quite pretty, but on closer inspection you begin to realise that there are rather more holes in it than the designer intended.

Hover over the red and white targets to read my commentary as you descend.

And breathe. It’s easy to look at something like this and just see a pretty picture, but really it’s just a graph, and like any graph it tells you nothing if it isn’t drawn accurately.

Don’t let me put you off though. If you fancy giving infographics a go yourself, there are plenty of places you can go and have a play. Try Piktochart, Infogram, Venngage or Easelly – all four offer free starter plans.

And if you make something you’re proud of, I’d love it if you’d share it with me on Twitter, @IScientistUK. I’ll go easy, I promise.