Grab your crystal balls and get ready to hit 88mph, because this weekend a festival of futurology is coming to London in the form of Futurefest.

Speakers as diverse as model and activist Lily Cole, bionic man Berholt Meyer and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales will be on hand to postulate and speculate on the topic of how our world will change in the next few decades and beyond.

Based in Shoreditch Town Hall on the 28th and 29th September, the festival is divided into four half-day sessions, each with a different theme and flavour.

Saturday morning’s session, entitled ‘Well-Becoming’, looks ahead to future improvements in healthcare and bioscience and asks what we will define as ‘healthy’ in a decade’s time. Will it be commonplace to ‘upgrade’ with new, bionic parts? Or will the disabled augment themselves to the point that they overcome the limits of natural human performance?

The afternoon will be spent looking into the increasingly blurred divide between the real and virtual worlds, while the Sunday sessions concern themselves with the future of the environment we have created for ourselves and what lays ahead for politics and society.

It really is a remarkable collection of people to have together in one place, while the programme looks to be uplifting and terrifying in equal measure. If you’re around, why not head down and find out what’s coming next for the human race. Just don’t expect to get next week’s lottery numbers.

A full programme of events is available at the Futurefest website. Tickets are available via the National Theatre, with half price concessions for students.

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